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Now innovative approaches in the field of plant biotechnology are no longer the property of global corporations. The mission of the Isoplant® is simple — to make innovative approaches available to everyone.

Isoplant® is a part of Potted company which consists of a collaboration of leading specialists in the field of innovative plant biotechnology. This allows us to turn large scientific projects into an affordable service for commercial enterprises. We will help to extend the commercial life of your successful varieties and hybrids by introducing new genetic characteristics such as resistance to viruses and insects with a gnawing mouth apparatus using genetic engineering or to increase the size of the habit and fruit due to chromosome polyploidization. At the same time, we guarantee the complete confidentiality of your order, so that you can be sure that your updated product remains out of competition for a long time.

Our expertise


With a wealth of experience in commercial plant production, we know the amount of effort required to create a successful commercial hybrid or variety. Unfortunately, every variety or hybrid has a short commercial lifespan, after which it becomes obsolete. With our menu of genetically engineered solutions, you can add new characteristics to your product that will extend its commercial life and expand the scope of use.

Doubled haploid technology

Any breeder knows that the guarantee of a quality and balanced hybrid depends on the purity of the parental lines. However, achieving complete line cleanliness is a long process requiring many self-pollination events. The technology of doubled haploids can significantly shorten the time for creating a pure line and achieve complete homozygotization of all genes without repeated self-pollination and such consequences as inbred depression.


Polyploidization is a multiple doubling of the chromosome set in plants without loss of fertility. The main commercial application of this approach is the production of seedless fruits like bananas or watermelon. However, polyploidization has an interesting side effect such as an increase in the vegetative mass of the plant. This can be useful in the production of green crops or flowers if the area of interest is the increased size of any part of the plant.

Protoplast Fusion

Fusion of protoplasts is a technology that allows you to transfer nuclear from one cell to the cytoplasm of another cell. For example, such applications can be useful if it is necessary to transfer nuclear material from a plant with sterile cytoplasm to a fertile cytoplasm base.

Genome editing: Non-homologous end joining (NHEJ)

Genomic editing is the most innovative approach to gene manipulation that is free of the disadvantages associated with GMOs. We offer services for gene knockout or, in other words, gene shutdown. In particular, this approach can be useful for creating pathogen-resistant plants and plants with an extended shelf life. In addition, gene knockout can be used to achieve all sorts of effects by disabling genes of interest. Our experts will help you find the most optimal way to achieve the desired effect.

Mapping and Molecular marker development

Any plant breeder knows that Marker-Assisted Selection (MAS) is the most effective way to conduct breeding programs. It is even more profitable when you are the sole owner of a molecular marker for a new commercially important trait that ensures the competitiveness of your variety or hybrid. But in order for this to happen, you need to detect such a sign and label it. We provide services for the full technological cycle of creating a molecular marker. We will also advise you on the creation of the population required for the successful creation of a marker for MAS.

Key advantages

All inclusive

Isoplant® performs turnkey biotechnological and genetic work.


Qualified specialists from different countries in different areas of plant biotechnology.

Modular system

Modular system for the modernization of breeding programs in the field of marker-mediated breeding.

New approach

Crop companies access to modern approaches in the field of plant biotechnology on a commercial basis.

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